Embrace Professionalism with kindness and Fairness but be Firm – Rector

The Rector, Gateway Polytechnic (ICT) Saapade, Dr. Isaiah Oyeyinka has urged civil servants to embrace professionalism in the discharge of their duties stressing that there is punishment for gross misconduct.

He also said that every worker in the civil service must focus on his or her job so as to be meaningful in the society. “Pursue your career. Be faithful to your work so that God will channel your path to growth. Be fair, nice and kind but exude firm professionalism in your work, he added.

Dr. Oyeyinka during a day seminar organized by the institution for her newly employed staff members to enlighten them on the rules and regulations guiding the Civil Service stressed that “Gateway Polytechnic (ICT), Saapade has zero tolerance for indiscipline and that the Polytechnic will move forward if everyone keys into her vision.

The vision of the institution is to be one of the best in Africa especially in academic excellence and skill acquisition by applying consistent ingenuity, and prudence in the management of its affairs.

The Rector maintained that the sole business of the institution is the students. “We are moulding future Nigerians. We are growing old; what Nigeria are we leaving behind? Our aim is to educate and train individuals in relevant skills, knowledge and experience necessary to advance the economic, social and cultural development of Nigeria and the world.


Adedayo Folorunso (Miss)

Ag. Head, Public Relations