The department of Accountancy, Gateway Polytechnic, Saapade, came into existence alongside the establishment of the Polytechnic in July, 2006. With adequate funding by the management, the basic facilities required to facilitate skill and knowledge acquisition were put in place. The facilities included furnished classrooms, offices, for lecturers and non- teaching staff members and a resource centre.

Presently, the department of Accountancy has accreditation for both National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma(HND) programmes in Accountancy.


The department has had a score of heads of department since inception, starting with Mr. J.K. Ogunwede. Mr. Ogunwede handed over to Mrs. M.E. Okuyemi who later handed over to the present head, Mr. O. Kolawole. Available Programmes in the Department


  • National Diploma in Accountancy (Full Time)
  • National Diploma in Accountancy (Part – Time)
  • Higher National Diploma in Accountancy (Full Time)
  • Higher National Diploma in Accountancy (Part – Time)
  • Certificate Course (Full – Time)
  • Certificate Course (Part – Time)

The Polytechnic is an ICT based Polytechnic. Therefore, all the diploma programmes run have ICT contents. Hence, a graduate from the Accountancy Department or any of the departments stands to be awarded two separate certificates (National Diploma Certificate and CISCO Certification).