Student Affairs Unit

The Directorate of the Student Affairs was established by the Management of the Polytechnic in the year 2007 to attend to matters affecting the students. Since its creation, the unit has been headed by two Directors of Students Affairs. The first D.S.A. was Mr. Oladapo Solaru who assumed office immediately the unit was created in2007 and served in that capacity until May 31st, 2013. On the 1st day of June 2013, the incumbent D.S.A. in person of Barrister M.O.A. Erinfolami took over from Mr. Solaru in an acting capacity.

As the Directorate of the Students Affairs, the unit is saddled with the responsibility of attending to matters affecting students as may be reported by students from time to time. In addition, the unit also sees to the registration of clubs, associations, societies formed by the students, mobilization of students for NYSC among others.

The D.S.A.’s office also serves as an intermediary between students and the school authority by listening to agitations from the students and reporting same to the school authority for necessary actions.

Presently, the D.S.A. has the following as it staff: 1. Barrister M.O.A. Erinfolami Acting D.S.A. (LLB, BL) 2. Mr. Rauf o. Sotayo-a