Bursary Unit

The Bursary Department is charged with the responsibility of collecting fees, charges and issuing of receipts to students, client and staff in respect of payment made the institution. The Bursary department is responsible for all financial matters of the polytechnic including interpretation of Financial Regulation of the Polytechnic. 
The Bursary Department of the Institution is headed by an Ag. Bursar in the person of MR. W. A. GBADAMOSI a Chartered Accountant (Certified Nigeria Accountant).and Chief Accountant of the Polytechnic. The Ag Bursar allow for consultation by student on any problem as related to fees and other charges by the Polytechnic management.

  • Cash Office (Point of Sale Office)
  • Store
  • Reconciliation Office/Revenue Monitoring Control
  • Salary and Pension Office
  • Final Account
  • Vote Control/Budget Monitoring

Each unit is headed by competent staff.

    1. Mr. Gbadamosi W. A. HND,MBA (FM) CNA, ANIM) Chief Accountant (Ag. Bursar)
    2. Mr. Orobiyi J. O. HND Account (CNA) Principal Accountant
    3. Mrs. Oshiyoku A. O. HND Banking & Fin. (ACIB, ANIM) Senior Accountant
    4. Adedotun O. A. HND Accounting Accountant I,
    5. Ogunbanjo F. O. HND Accounting Accountant I
    6. Obinusi A. F. B. sc. (Edu.)Bus AdminHEO Account
    7. Kumoye O. C. HND Accounting Accountant II
    8. Atakenu O. O. HND Accounting Accountant II
    9. Amusa S. A. OND Accounting Executive Officer Account
    10. Ojelade O. O. OND Accounting Executive Officer Account