Health Centre

The health centre was established in 2006. The Rector, Professor G.B Onolaja requested for a service of Registered Nurse/Midwife from Ogun State Hospitals management board and senior Nursing sister Orekoya O.O was seconded the school health centre. She rendered nursing care services for a while and left in January 2007.

There after Mrs. Dada A.I a senior nursing sister then was posted on secondment to replace Orekoya O.O on the 20thFebruary 2007 and started the health centre in a classroom attending to both staff and students.

A philanthropist from Sagamu, Olotu Omoba Micheal Oyedele (C.E.O Oyedele Westcom Group of Companies) agreed to donate N20 million worth of building as Health Centre, which was completed in June 2008 and it was well equipped with facilities for a school setting.

The health centre was named “Olotu Micheal Oyedele Westcom Group Health Centre Gateway Polytechnic Saapade” and work commenced immediately.

In the health centre we have the following apartment – Reception, Pharmacy Department, Observation room, Consulting room, matron’s office, Laboratory, Ambulance park, sick bay, kitchen and ward.

 Mrs A.I Dada

Mrs A. I Dada – Chief Matron

S/N Name Designation Qualification Research Area Seminars
1 Dr Osiyalo A. M. Medical Doctor M.B.Ch.B Medical
2 Dada A. I. Matron Registered Nurse – Mid Wife General Nursing i) Nursing Practice Reform.

ii) Towards Nursing Practice

iii) Recent Advances in the Management of Tropical Diseases.

3 Oyelakin B. A. Executive Officer Grade II, N.C.E. Education Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship as Panacea for National Development
4 Williams D. A. Assistant Chief Clerical Officer B.Sc. Education Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship as Panacea for National Development


  • Taking care of students and staff, sick or well.
  • Checking of vital signs i.e. Temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure, weight and height.
  • Dispensing and administration of drugs. Orally, intramuscularly and intravenously.
  • Suturing and dressing of wounds.
  • Collecting of blood and urine specimen for investigations.
  • We do admit patients for observation and follow up.
  • Record keeping.
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Environmental Hygiene
  • Importance of Rest and Sleep
  • Sex Education
  • Avoidance of mosquito bite to prevent malaria
  • Effect of drug and substance abuse