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  3. Testing/On-Campus Isolation/Contact Tracing
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Greetings from the Management and entire staff of Gateway ( ICT) Polytechnic, Saapade to all our Students and Parents . It is indeed a great joy for all of us
to be alive in a season that has been very turbulent due to the whirlwind of Corona Virus pandemic that has taken thousands of precious lives all over the world.

In this trying time, it is normal for all our highly esteemed parents to be anxious about the safety of their wards on Campus in a season of uncertainty and fear because of a deadly disease, but the Management of this great Institution has put many safety measures in place to ensure that chances of infection are drastically reduced in line with Federal Government safety guidelines

Therefore, in order to ensure a hitch free resumption of the 2020/2021 academic session, the Polytechnic has put in place all necessary human and material resources in compliance with the Federal Government’s directive, to ensure that our students resume into a peaceful, safe and secure learning environment.

All necessary information about the re-opening of our Polytechnic is contained in the other sections of this official document . We therefore count on your unwavering cooperation to make sure all our students and staff are safe and healthy as we conduct all our outstanding examinations for the 2019/2020
session and also commence the academic activities for the 2020/2021 session.

Special regards to you all.
Thank you.


In view of the threat and severity of the Corona Virus pandemic, the Polytechnic has put in place operating standards that would ensure that academic activities are conducted without creating any avenue for transmission of diseases among staff and students within the Polytechnic premises.
The operating situations are as follows;

  1. Screening at the two main entrances of the Campus.
  2. Spacing of Students in Lecture room in line with COVID 19 protocols.
  3. Online Classes for Students.
  4. Mandatory Submission of Assignments and Projects via Special Email addresses.

In line with the safety precaution of the government, all staff, students and visitors will be screened at the two entrances of the Polytechnic
via Infra-Red Thermometer and health experts as well as being compelled to apply hand sanitizers/washing of hands before gaining entrance to the Polytechnic.


The Polytechnic will conduct Lectures for students in the classroom by arranging the seats of students in line with the principle of social distancing as directed by the Government in line with COVID 19 safety guidelines.
The following will be done to ensure the safety of students;

  1. Seats will be arrangement in line with social distancing principle.
  2. Students will be screened into lecture rooms by checking their faces to ascertain that they put on their Nose Masks.
  3. Security personnel will ensure that students and lecturers wash their hands and apply hand sanitizers before entering lecture Halls.
  4. Infra-Red Thermometer will be used to screen both staff and students into lecture halls.


In order to decongest lecture rooms, the Management intends to conduct some courses online and this will help to avoid crowding of classrooms till the pandemic wanes.


The Polytechnic intends to direct all Lecturers to ensure that crowding of offices are eliminated by collecting assignments and final year projects from
students via special email addresses created for different departments by the college.


The disinfection of the Campus will done in the following facilities;

  1. Campus Entrance Gates and surroundings
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Instructional Spaces
  4. Offices
  5. Library
  6. Business centres
  7. Food Canteens

Furthermore, the Polytechnic authority is set to carry-out the following activities; Fumigation and disinfection of all Polytechnic facilities Fumigation and disinfection of shops at the car parks, and photocopying points on Campus Purchase, distribution and installation of the following facilities:

  1. Finger or Hand washing sinks at strategic places on campus
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Health workers and cleaners in the Polytechnic
  3. Educating the Polytechnic community about the safety guidelines pertaining to COVID19 Pandemic.
  4. Upgrading of the Polytechnic WIFI Equipment to boost internet connectivity in the campus
  5. Conduct of In-house training for Staff and Students


All Staff, and Students must wear a mask in all public places on campus.

  1. COVID-19 pack: Upon arrival onto campus, all students will be required to be in possession of a sanitization/ disinfecting (COVID-19 pack) which includes
    a set of nose mask, digital thermometer and hand sanitizer. Though, students are required to come with their kits, COVID-19 Kit
  2. Education: The Polytechnic will organize seminars for both Staff and Students on the risk of COVID 19 and on how to be safety conscious on Campus
  3. Pre-arrival self-quarantine: All Students and Staff who; (1) have tested positive to COVID-19, (2) have had symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, or (3) have had significant exposure to the virus; are required to self-quarantine for at least fourteen (14) days before arriving on campus. Those who are on
    self-quarantine should contact the Registry and request enrollment in the polytechnic’s online learning platforms for the period of quarantine.
  4. Screening on arrival: Upon arrival, the security officials will subject all staff, students, and accompanying persons to mandatory temperature screening
    and disinfection of the hands at the gate. Also,nobody will be allowed into the campus premises without having a well-adorned face mask.
  5. Face coverings/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): It is required that all students and employees wear masks. Individuals who do not adhere to
    the mask requirements, will face penalty. There are a few special circumstances that would excuse a person from wearing a mask.
  6. Hand Washing Requirement: Hand washing facility is widely placed across campus. Hand washing is strongly encouraged, before and after eating, and whenever in contact with personal body fluids. Sanitization stations will be located throughout the campus for use when hand washing is not available.


  1. Common Areas: Compulsory use of masks indoors, signage on the floor and walls will be installed to indicate physical distancing, frequent disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, and sanitization stations throughout the campus.
  2. Cleaning and disinfection disinfection of classrooms, worship centres, Halls and offices will be performed twice daily including all walls in the Polytechnic rest rooms.
  3. Library: The Polytechnic Library would only be assessed by students in batches after they have been screened with Infra-Red devices and after the application of Hand sanitizers.
  4. In-person Classes and Laboratories: In cases where staff or students are infected during Laboratory activities, they would be quarantined and monitored for symptoms for at least two weeks.


  1. All individuals must put on face masks when entering buildings and Polytechnic facilities.
  2. Hands of everyone must be sanitized when touching things in the Polytechnic and after people are exiting a facility or building on campus.
  3. Social distancing will be enforced in the classrooms and Halls across the Polytechnic.


  1. Group activities will hold only when required physical distancing can occur.
  2. Virtual/remote teaching option will be allowed for instructors who are considered high risk faculty (or who live with persons who are high risk).
  3. Paper assignments and assessments will be avoided to prevent spread of pathogens.
  4. No sharing of equipment in classes and labs, if in-person.
  5. Virtual laboratory mechanisms to be used when social distancing is not feasible and when students would otherwise be required to share equipment (preferred setting for larger labs).
  6. Course staggering system will be implemented in spaces that are used heavily or back-to-back to ensure classrooms can be properly disinfected.


The Polytechnic Authority will not allow unnecessary gathering till the pandemic has gone down drastically. The only gathering that will be allowed
on campus will be strictly academic and religious till things improve.


Difficulty in breathing Cough Fatigue Headache Loss of taste or smell Sore throat Diarrhea Vomiting


The Polytechnic has put in place pro-active measures to ensure that COVID 19 cases that may arise in the college are controlled via effective tracing of the
people that came in contact with infected individuals. Some of the procedures that would be used to identify the contacts made by infected person
are as follows: Interviewing people with COVID-19 to identify everyone with whom they had close contact during the time they may have been infectious. Notifying contacts of their potential exposure. Referring contacts for screening. Monitoring contacts for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and Connecting contacts with services they may need during the self-quarantine period. Students will be monitored for symptoms and receive temperature
checks by the Polytechnic twice daily for 14 days.


Generally, contact tracing includes the following steps: Case investigation of student (also School, staff, administrators): Trained health staff will work with the person to help them recall everyone with whom he/she had had close contact during the time when he/she may have been infectious (before showing symptoms and when symptomatic). Contact tracing on campus: Trained health staff will begin contact tracing by notifying individuals (contacts) of their potential exposure. Notifications will be made as rapidly and sensitively as possible, not revealing the infected person’s identity. Contact support for persons: Persons who were contact traced will be provided with education, information, and support to help them understand their risk, what they should do to separate themselves from others who are not exposed, and how to monitor themselves for illness. In addition, they are informed of the possibility that they could spread the infection to others even if they do not feel ill. Self-quarantine and isolation on campus: Contacts will be isolated or quarantined and monitored for symptoms. Maintaining social distancing and wearing masks and gloves is mandatory if the person must leave isolation or quarantine.
With all these aforementioned protocols, the Polytechnic authority wishes to assure the government , parents and members of the public that effective measures have been put in place to check , prevent and narrow the chances of the spread of the deadly corona virus pandemic in our Institution.

Thank you.

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