Brief History

The Information Technology Services (ITS) was a Unit under the Rectory. Due to the expansion and rapid development of the Polytechnic on September 3, 2018 it was casted out as a department. The unit was formerly designed to capture, store, and process information for management’s use.

The First Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) is Mr. Olatunji Oladipo BELLO appointed on September 3, 2018 till date.

Services Rendered

  1. Network infrastructure procurement, design, development and deployment.
  2. Development and management of the School portal.
  3. Managing the School IT Resources.
  4. Maintenance and repair of computer systems.
  5. Software development.
  6. Managing the college Local Area Network (LAN), Intranet and Internet Access.
  7. Giving technical advice on computers and computer related acquisition.
  8. Giving IT training to the staff of the college.

Departmental Units

  1. Information Processing Unit.
  2. Software Development.
  3. Hardware and Networking.
  4. Applications Development Centre (ADC).
  5. Applications Support Unit.

Duties of Each Units

  1. Information Processing Unit
    1. Staff Information database management.
    2. Identity Card (ID) processing.
    3. Students Result Processing for all schools.
    4. Students information database management.
    5. Attending to Students issues and complaints.
    6. Processing of reports for the management & outside organizations such as NBTE, Ministry of Education and State Government etc.
    7. Updating and processing of staff information.
    8. Attends to admission issues.
    9. Computer Base Exam (CBT & CBE) Application

  2. Software Development
  3. Below are the lists of Software Developed by Department

    1. Online Application System.
    2. Post UTME Application System.
    3. Integration with Payment Gateways.
    4. New matriculation Number Generation Program.
    5. Students Bio-data Systems.
    6. Students/Lecturers Biometric Attendance.
    7. Exam Students Attendance Biometric.
    8. Human Resource Application.
    9. Online Admission Systems.
    10. Online Admission Letter Printing Systems.
    11. Online Clearance System.
    12. Online Aceptance Fee payment.
    13. Online School fees payment.
    14. School Website Design and Management

  4. Hardware and Networking
    1. Maintenance, installation and repair of all computing equipment of the School.
    2. Networking the School Laboratories.
    3. Providing Internet Services to the School.
    4. Attending to network faults and users request.
    5. Attending to Students issues and complaints.
    6. Purchase of computer equipment.

  5. Applications Development Centre(ADC)
    1. Mobile Software Development Training.
    2. Applications Software Training.
    3. CISCO Training.
    4. Identifying training needs for the School and the Community.
    5. Organizing training for staff.
    6. Identifying programming needs of the college.
    7. Developing business rules for automating school processes.

  6. Applications Support Unit
    1. Management of students’ databases.
    2. Attending to issues and students complaints.
    3. Online admissions administration.
    4. Online clearance administration.
    5. Online registration administration.
    6. Helpdesk management.