Brief History

Academic Planning Unit was created in 2014 in order to focus on matters relating to educational planning and administration in our institution. The Unit is under the office of the Rector, and is headed by a Director.

The Director reports directly to the Rector for the day to day running of the Unit. However, the Unit does not deal directly with the students. The vision of the Unit is to be a reference point for information driven decision making for academic, physical and fiscal planning and control in the institution. The mission is to provide adequate information database for policy guidance control and effective operations of academic framework by key units of the institution.

Duties and Responsibilities

Specifically, the duties which the Academic Planning Unit shall undertake include the following, amongst others:

  1. Developing, analysing and compiling Academic Brief Documents from Departments and Schools.
  2. Planning for the establishment of new Academic Programmes and the sustenance of program quality on approval by the appropriate authorities.
  3. Monitoring, assessment and maintenance of academic quality (e.g. carrying capacities, students’ enrolment standard, curriculum delivery and students’ performance records, academic (teaching) infrastructure and academic support facilities, space requirements etc.)
  4. Academic Resource Monitoring
  • Maintaining a register of all academic spaces and their utilization, as well as items of furniture for teaching/learning.
  • Coordinating time table for effective utilization of space.
  • Identifying new guidelines/criteria and examining existing ones for relevance in the resource allocation processes.
  • Advising on enrolment target in relation to facilities and space availability.

5. Academic Programmes Delivery/Accreditation Monitoring and Research Coordination.

(a) Collecting relevant data on trends in the activities of the Polytechnic (e.g. enrolment, diplomate output, success rates, staff turn-over, academic staff workload, time tabling etc. by way of monitoring academic programmes delivery for Management’s records and use.

(b) Promoting interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration in curriculum planning, formulation and continual review for relevance in liaison with industry.

(c) Coordinating efforts of all Departments in the accreditation process and liaising with National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in all accreditation matters.

(d) Providing necessary information to Departments on national minimum academic standards.

(e) Organising internal mock accreditation exercise.

(f) Documenting and storing information on Academic programmes and on research findings for Management’s records and use.

(g) Articulating policies and strategies to stimulate research activities.

6  Compile and keep backup records of Academic Board policy decisions and activities within the context of the vision, mission and core values of the Polytechnic.

7  Participate and support other arms of the Polytechnic in the presentation and review of the Academic Calendar, Annual Plans, Physical Plans and Strategic Development Plans by way of supplying date, logistics and professional advice.

8  Organise Annual Academic lectures including Inaugural Lectures etc.

9  Plan and organise the Institution’s semester examinations.

Consequently, The Academic Planning Unit has connective functions with three levels of decision making process:

(a) Operational Control – i.e. different Academic Departments, Academic Board/Management Committees and Academic Support units like SIWES, Centre for Information and Technology Management, and Management Information System (MIS) for information gathering, consultation and programme implementation.

(b) Strategic Choice – Those involved in the activities of interlocking groups e.g. Schools, Service Directorates, and Physical Planning Unit who have responsibility for making intelligent choices.

(c) Strategic Control – Through the work of the Academic Board, Resource Allocation Committee (i.e. Registry, Bursary and Rectorate)

The Academic Planning Unit collaborates and works with the following Units and Committees among others:

  • Internal Quality Assurance Unit
  • Examinations Planning Committee
  • Curriculum Monitoring Committee
  • Space Allocation Committee
  • Academic Ceremonies Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Lecture Time-Table Committee
  • Accreditation Committee


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