Brief History

Following the directive of the NBTE that all Polytechnic and Monotechnics in Nigeria should establish an Entrepreneurship Development centre in order to ensure that Polytechnic graduates are more resourceful and self-reliant through practical skills acquisition in the teaching of entrepreneurship courses; Gateway Polytechnic Saapade was left with no option to open a centre.

In addition, the attachment of Accreditation of ND & HND programmes in all fields to the establishment of Entrepreneurship centre by NBTE starting from 2011/ 2012 session also fast-tracked its establishment at Gateway Polytechnic Saapade. The centre was officially launched on 1st December, 2011 when Mrs. O. O. Aninkan was appointed as the pioneer co-ordinator.

At the beginning, the centre had the co-ordinator as the head, a secretary and a clerk as its staff. Other six academic staff were drawn from the department of Business Administration as facilitators for entrepreneurship courses in all the departments of the Polytechnic. Later as the scope of activities increases at the centre, other academic staff from other departments were involved in the activities of the centre as facilitators/ trainers.


At present, the centre serves all the departments across the five schools in the Polytechnics in the teaching of entrepreneurship and small business enterprises management related courses both at ND & HND levels. The centre also conducts training on skills' acquisition for all the students in the Polytechnic.
The centre is now headed by a director. The current Ag. director is Mr. M. O. Afolabi.

Past Centre Coordinator

  • Mrs. O. O. Aninkan
  • Mrs. B. O. Amusa
  • Mr. O. Kolawole
  • Mr. M. O. Afolabi.
  • Mr. O. A. Adekunle

  • Services Rendered

    Basically, the centre offers services in the area of knowledge impartation to students. The centre also conducts training on skills' acquisition for students and non- students of the Polytechnic. Apart from the above, the centre is set to kick-start skills' acquisition training programme on different vocations for interested candidates within and outside the Polytechnic community. Vocational skills available for now are:

  • Electrical/ electronics(Electrical installation & repair work),
  • Renewable energy(Solar panels production, installation and maintenance & Construction of inverter and charge controller),
  • Computer hardware(Maintenance & repairs),
  • Automobile Maintenance and Repairs,
  • Welding & Fabrication,
  • Plumbing & Pipe fitting,
  • Mansory (Bricklaying: Block laying & Concreting),
  • Concrete block & Interlocking Pavestone making,
  • Table water production & Marketing,
  • Photography, Film production & Video editing,
  • Software development,
  • Food processing etc.