The attention of the Management of the Gateway(ICT) Polytechnic has been drawn to a false resumption date, 30th March, 2020 been circulated on some social platforms.
The official resumption date will be announced when Covid -19 subsides . All academic activities as well as official duties continues upon resumption.

Management on March 20th directed three weeks break to all Staff and students of the Polytechnic as leave and mandatory mid- semester break respectively.

Please be informed that Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic Saapade has not issued any directive on the falsified resumption (March 30th).

Meanwhile, Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic Saapade has no office designated as Assistant Rector. Hence, any information emanating from such office should be discountenancedas mischievous and an attempt at deceiving the public. Staff, student and the entire public are here notified to disregard the publication and remain safe as we abide by the government’s stay at home order while this pandemic lasts.

Management of Gateway (ICT)Polytechnic, Saapade shall ONLY use her official means of communication when the need arises.

All other enquiries should be forwarded to

Adedayo Folorunso
Head, Public Relations

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