Rector, Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Saapade has called on head of institutions to provide adequate safety and hygiene on campus.

Oyeyinka, while giving his opening remarks at a two- day training organized in the institution, themed “Professional Training on Safety and Hygiene on Campus” made the call stressing that all students and staff members deserve a healthy campus environment that supports their well-being and builds a foundation for learning.

He noted that “learning in higher institutions is not only determined by the quality of education given but that the environment of learning is imperative to the comfort of the students. A hygienic campus is very important for the protection of our health and also helps to prevent the spread of communicable diseases”.

Priding on its social and aesthetic values, the Polytechnic Head maintained that an individual who follows the practice of proper personal hygiene gains confidence, pride and dignity. He added that as part of the effort of the Ogun state government to provide quality education in Nigeria, Gateway ICT Polytechnic prides as a comfortable learning environment. “When the Governor visited our campus, he was delighted to see a clean environment alongside the quality of education given to our students”, he said.

“A hygienic environment plays a vital role in developing the mental and social state of students on campus. Every institution of higher learning in Nigeria should have a clean environment because we are preparing the students for success in the classroom and beyond. Students perform better academically when they are emotionally and physically healthy”.



Adedayo Folorunso

Head, Public Relations

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